Wednesday, August 9, 2017


                           WOODROW  WILSON 

                                                  NORMAN  V.  KELLY


Here are the important dates that Woodrow Wilson was involved in before  Prohibition:


1.  Congress submits the 18th.  Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on   12-18-1917.           Remember   WW 1 was started 4-6-1917…this was before the LEVER ACT but it is not a bill as yet and the Senate also had to vote…  This is FIRST date that officially that Prohibition is proposed.


2.      LEVER ACT  Signed into Law...effective 9-16-1917    Encourage meatless Tuesdays all kinds of patriotic BS for the good of the war effort.  Remember here we mention Wayne Bidwell Wheeler…and the real secret behind the Lever  Act… A temporary act that would help the war effort…..they give their all will you send wheat.


   Fuel and Food Conservation Act


Makers of beer and booze cannot use foodstuffs   wheat  corn etc. in the  making of alcoholic beverages.


              FLU epidemic killed 600,000 in America  20 million across the rest of the world. Closed Peoria in October 1918   40 dead….



3.     1-29-1919    RATIFICATION of the 18th.  Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.    36 states   ¾ of the states.


5-19-1919    Woman’s Suffrage    ADOPTED…  Cannot deny vote to a person because of sex…it  took  effect:   8-28-1920


VOLSTEAD ACT    Andrew Volstead…      Congress/Senate Passes Volstead Act   on    10-28-1919   defines booze  .5%  teeth into law to enforce prohibition…  Starts   1-16-1920….



11-2-1921   Warren G. Harding President.



1.  Woman’s Suffrage adopted…5-19-1919   it was Signed into law on 8-28-1920…..cannot deny right to vote because of a person’s sex….                 8-28-1920.

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